Neil Wright -
2011 Honoree

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Neill graduated from Santa Barbara High School in 1952 where he was active in student government and in varsity basketball, baseball, and football. He went on to attend SBCC where he was involved in student council and basketball and baseball. Later on he majored in education and physical education at UCSB, and he played for the UCSB baseball team. While at UCSB he was scouted, and the following summer he played for the Missions, a semi-pro baseball team. Wright opted to remain in Santa Barbara and follow his dream of going into education. He taught at Santa Barbara Junior High for thirty-five years, where he established himself as one of the most beloved teachers. During the summers he worked in a program that benefited students in search of jobs. Wright was also an active participant in the Endowment for Youth program, which awarded scholarships and mentoring to young African Americans. Neill also worked as a sports official in baseball, basketball, football, and volleyball on the college and high school levels. In 2008 he was inducted into the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table for Special Achievement.





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