Dr. Ellen Simpson -
2013 Honoree

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Ellen Simpson M.D. dedicated her life to joyfully serving others during a long and varied career in medicine and community service. She pursued goals and adventures that were truly pioneering for woman of her time. In 1941 she graduated with a B.S. degree and Public Health Nursing Certificate from U.C. Berkeley. After working as a public health nurse for four years (and getting her pilots license) she was admitted to medical school at U.C. San Francisco at a time when only 12 percent of medical students were women. She had a distinguished career in medicine, specializing in cardiology and pediatrics. She gladly volunteered her services in many places around the world including caring for children with burns and war injuries in Vietnam. She was a pioneer in providing camping and outdoor experiences to diabetic children, who until that time were considered invalids. She helped hundreds of young diabetics realize their full potential in active lives and careers.





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