Jack Hufford -
2014 Honoree

Jack Hufford, class of 1951, has dedicated his boundless energy and
time to volunteering countless hours at SBHS and at other
local schools. He, along with John Campilio ’53 raised
monies necessary to carry out the painstaking restoration of
the front and side façade entrances at our Alma Mater. He
then managed the professional workers and personally
worked with students, teaching them skills and mentoring
them in the value of volunteering and giving back to SBHS.
For this restoration work alone, Jack was given the first
Frederick Forest Peabody Award by the SBHS Alumni
Association. In addition, Jack had flags made which fly on
the JR Richards Gymnasium. Jack is a loyal Don who will
tackle just about anything he sees needs repairing at SBHS
and always maintains his wonderful sense of humor in the





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