Thomas Dibble Jr. - 2005 Honoree

dibble senior

Thomas Dibblee, class of 1931, became a legendary figure in geological and topographical work in mapping the state of California doing more walking and recording of the state than any other individual.  Unlike most talented geologists who might produce 40 or 50 maps in a lifetime, Mr. Dibblee sketched out 500.  He began his survey of the state as a young man, traversing much of Santa Barbara County, as a prelude to his commitment to record the landscape features of much of the state. To put a mental picture of how much Mr. Dibblee recorded, think of the six-hour car ride from Santa Barbara to the San Francisco Bay Area on Highway 101. Yes, Mr. Dibblee mapped everything that your eye can see in every direction. Which includes the Mojave Desert, the Imperial and Coast Ranges, the Transverse ranges and the San Andreas Fault. This is around 40,000 square miles of the state, and Mr. Dibblee chartered it on foot and often alone.  Known as the Mozart of mapping California’s geology, Mr. Dibblee’s maps are relied on today by archeologists and developers.





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