George Burtness -
2013 Honoree

george then
george now

George is a graduate of Stanford University and served in the Air Force. Civilian life saw him employed with several electronics companies in Silicon Valley, mainly on classified projects with the SR-71 “Blackbird”. He also did research on plans to deter possible Soviet missile launches out of Siberia. He returned to Stanford to work as the manager of the university’s real estate, investments and leasing programs. George returned to Santa Barbara and soon was in the midst of many local volunteer and non-profit organizations. Some of his volunteer work has taken him to exotic locations such as Costa Rica studying biodiversity and to the U.S. Virgin Islands to study reef fishes. He has also volunteered for Earthwatch projects in Australia, England, and Belize as well as studying bird populations on several of Panama’s west coast islands. George has also worked with The Nature Conservancy on Santa Cruz Island for 25 years. Besides much additional travel, he is an avid scuba diver, a pilot and a marathon runner.





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